Highland Village Water Damage

Flooding or Water Damage? Call Highland Village Water Damage and Mold Removal Company

“SERVPRO knows the fear that comes with a water or fire emergency situation when your home or office is flooded. Our expertly trained team is highly accustomed to dealing with these emergencies, which means that we’re able to minimize the inconvenience so you can get right back to work, soon.” – Kelvin H. Ho, President, and General Manager

Highland Village, Texas, is one of the communities most impacted by flooding.

“There have been increasing concerns about water damage issues and leaks in homes and offices for several years,” explains Kelvin H. Ho, president and general manager of The SERVPRO Corporation, one of the nation’s largest water damage repair companies. “We work with clients in areas where flooding is a huge risk. Our company responds quickly and has experience working with both private and government clients to address those risks, as well as protecting your privacy.” Services offered include carpet and mold remediation, flash flooding, ceiling water damage, bathroom, and kitchen mold remediation, ceiling water problems, and sewer and leaching problems.

In an effort to save lives and restore homes to their original functionality, Highland Village water damage repair professionals use eco-friendly disinfectants, low-flow kitchen systems, energy-efficient air conditioning systems, non-microwave ovens, floor and ceiling fans, drying cabinets and doors, dehumidifiers, and other industrial products. In cases of extremely serious flooding and other emergencies, services include structural water repairs and basement waterproofing, as well as restoring the community’s electrical system. As a leading provider of emergency plumbing services, they are able to handle the complex requirements of pipe repair, line replacement, and restoration, as well as basement drywall repair, within one day.

The SERVPRO Corporation offers a comprehensive range of services related to water and energy efficiency, including low-flow appliances, energy management, and sustainable construction. Restoration experts at the SERVPRO Corporation are able to immediately implement solutions that prevent further damage. They also offer cleaning services to make the premises as comfortable as possible. In addition, high-pressure water recovery systems are available to remove sediment and other unwanted debris, allowing the restored building to function as well as possible. ” Highland Village, Texas, is a perfect location for our services,” says Mr. James G. Hill, president of the SERVPRO Corporation.

Other services provided by the Highland Village Water Damage and Mold Remediation Company include foundation restoration, floor restoration, ceiling treatment, carpet cleaning and restoration, window removal and installation, carpet stretching, damage control, dehumidification and remediation, flooring inspection, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and historic preservation. The company is licensed, which means that it complies with all applicable safety standards and has ensured its employees are subject to thorough training and competent hygiene and health practices. “The entire staff is dedicated to providing an effective, customer-focused service,” Mr. Hill continues. “We take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to treating clients and properties with the care and respect that their well-being requires.”

There are many concerns when it comes to water damage and mold, especially with the number of situations in which water is used, or has the potential to be used, for example, for irrigation, drinking, laundry, and dishwashing. Many people are surprised to learn that the presence of mold may not mean that an emergency spill or leak has occurred. In fact, mold can grow quite rapidly, even within a contaminated area. And, although there are certain mold species that are dangerous, most varieties are safe for general growth and won’t cause illness in humans or animals. Highland Village Water Damage and Mold Remediation Company have certified technicians who can perform flood damage and mold remediation and will work with you and your local water restoration company to restore your home to its original condition.

It’s not just floods that create the need for professional cleanup and remediation.

“There are several issues that can come up between roof leaks, plumbing issues, septic issues, etc.,” explains Mike. “We deal with all of them as part of our job.” For example, highland village is certified to clean asbestos out of residences that have been affected by an asbestos spill, for the removal of airborne particulates. The business is also certified to clean out toilets that have overflowed in order to ensure that the bathroom remains safe for use. “People do sometimes put off calling us for various reasons,” says Mike.

In the case of a flood, however, it’s a different story. If the water damage caused by a flood is not repaired promptly, it can create a number of hazards, including structural damage to nearby buildings, disruption of normal neighborhood activity, as well as damage to personal property. Highland Village Water Damage and Mold Removal team is prepared to handle any situation that you may face. “We deal with flood damage all the time,” says Mike. “We’re prepared to handle anything that may come up.”

Posted by on September 1, 2015